Is your valuable adverse events data stuck in silos and legacy systems?

Seamlessly integrate clean, deduplicated data into your workflows and tools

Save time and resources in responding to regulatory inquiries and improve the accuracy of your signal detection. Enigma's advanced machine learning algorithms and modular technology unify your siloed internal data with a feed of the world's AE data to provide a standardized, holistic view for analysis across multiple use cases.

A trusted partner to leading Fortune 500 organizations

Harmonize and connect data across your organization

  • Centralized source-of-truth for searching, accessing, and analyzing data
  • Reliable, automated ingestion of FDA AERS and WHO Vigibase AE data
  • Holistic insight into your drug portfolio with linked, standardized data
  • Programmatic data updates with rapid integration into any BI software
  • In-depth drug property insights and de-duplicated cases enhance signals
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms enable key efficiency gains

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