A Game of Memory: Patents Edition


Thanks to the U.S. Treasury's patent data, there’s no need to to wait until the next expo or conference to learn about the newest tech. You can snoop on your favorite companies and dig through their latest inventions — if you can unravel the technical drawings, that is.

Patent forms are a bit more mysterious than the PR-friendly mockups presented at events like Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) or Facebook's F8. The figures and even the descriptions, despite providing exactly the information that best characterizes the unique invention, certainly leave something to the imagination.

Not all patents make it to shopping shelf — the dreams and tinkerings of the best engineers in the country often remain cloistered in the hallowed halls of the sprawling tech complexes from which they spring.

Pulled from the patent data, we’ve highlighted a few favorite filings from major tech companies. Test your own technical drawing skills and see if you can match the enigmatic figures to the correct description. Some patents may feel a bit familiar…

How to Play

Click to reveal the other side of the cards. Hover over displayed images to magnify. The company and the inventor will appear in the table beneath the game as you collect matches.

Hungry for more patent info? Explore more USPTO data in Enigma Public.