Chartio H-1B Visa Data Dashboard


With immigration reform as a hot topic in the U.S. Congress lately, our friends at Chartio came to us looking for public data to explore related to foreign workers in the U.S. We gave them our dataset of 2012 H-1B Visa Applications from the U.S. Department of Labor which contains more than 400,000 applications for foreign worker visas, and they've used it to create this compelling dashboard visualization which breaks down some of the core statistics underlying the data.

H1B Salary Range

They've also published an in-depth blog post which analyzes these stats in greater detail, for example:

Ninety-six percent of computer systems analysts applying for an H-1B visa get approved and make an average of $72,122. Of those that apply for H-1B visas, anesthesiologists make the highest salaries ($267,502 a year), whereas agricultural inspectors make the least ($24,902). 53% of H-1B visa holders make between $40,000 and $60,000.

It's always incredible to think about the depth of knowledge contained in just one dataset like this one, multiplied by the thousands of datasets contained in Enigma! What other nuggets of insight are just waiting to be discovered? If you've got an idea for a visualization like this, or are looking to source a dataset for a similar project of your own, feel free to contact us!