From Prototype to Product: Discovering Problems in the Field


At Enigma, our goal is stay true to one of our company principles—curiosity. With each new project, we ask ourselves—how can we reuse what we’ve learned to solve a different industry’s problem?

We know that to be a data and technology leader, we need to constantly stretch our thinking and explore new ideas to discover where products will have the most impact. While today, our knowledge graphs power data-rich workflows for financial services, insurance and life sciences companies, our focus is always on what’s next. We are constantly broadening the reach of our technology into new verticals.

That’s because Enigma is seeking to address the biggest problems facing industries through our data-as-a-service platform.

To uncover our best opportunities, we are throwing ourselves deep into our work with clients. Enigma employees have a voracious appetite for learning, and we believe great problems are discovered in the field alongside our customers. We work with some of the top financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance, and civic firms. In doing so, we gain vast exposure of the diverse issues they face, and use this knowledge to advance the applications of our data and technology.

In the financial sector, for example, we discovered our potential to transform financial services firms’ compliance workflows with our data linking capabilities. Today, we work with a leading credit card issuer to provide unified customer views. We link together relevant, disparate account data to improve the productivity of anti-money laundering investigations.

We also learned that small and medium-sized business insuring is a major challenge for insurance companies, due to a lack of accessible data on these businesses. By connecting unique public and third party datasets, we create a more complete picture and deeper story about SMBs and their histories. We’ve made applying for insurance easier, and underwriting more accurate.

By taking on the role of partner to our clients, we can rethink industries from within. We can develop more creative solutions by building and testing prototypes. While trial and error can occasionally be frustrating, we know that discovering opportunities in the field and using them to evolve our products is what will continue to drive Enigma’s growth.

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