This Week in Data: Thanksgiving Edition

This Week in Data: Thanksgiving Edition

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, this week we’re taking a look at average consumer prices calculated for food, compliments of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This dataset is one of the components of the Consumer Price Index (CPI). While there isn’t data available for some key Turkey Day ingredients like pumpkin and butter, we’ve put together a little shopping list to represent a (somewhat) traditional holiday spread. To give you some perspective, we’ve also included prices from November 2000.

* Note: values are U.S. city averages priced per lb.


First things first, no Thanksgiving is complete without a turkey.
2000: $0.981
2016: $1.692


Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to come together. And sometimes, certain family members have a different opinions on topics like who should be the next president. For that, there is always wine.

Red or white table wine, any origin
2000: $5.539
2016: $12.498

Speaking of wine, if you’re drinking the domestic variety, there’s a good chance it came from California. If we take a look at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s list of wine producer and blender permits, the state of CA takes a staggering lead with 4,329.

The other nine states on the top ten list include:

  • Washington, 980
  • Oregon, 596
  • New York, 503
  • Texas, 475
  • Michigan, 351
  • Virginia, 324
  • Pennsylvania, 311
  • Ohio, 282
  • Missouri, 206

Then come the sides. As this piece on the Thanksgiving recipes Googled in Every State shows, this category really varies across the country. Surely we can all agree there are some staples like potatoes though. And dressing. Or is it stuffing?

Mashed, with lots of butter, please
2000: $0.351
2016: $0.691

A la carte or a la casserole, you decide
2000: $0.262
2016: $0.697

For dressing, unless you use cornbread (you should!)
2000: $0.953
2016: $1.343

For broccoli cheese casserole, of course
2000: $1.085
2016: $1.615

See above -- an essential for most casseroles
2000: $3.862
2016: $5.352

Does anyone actually leave room for salad?
2000: $0.774
2016: $0.949

See above
2000: $1.503
2016: $1.994

And just before nap time comes a slice (or three) of pie. Sadly, pumpkin and pecan were not included in this dataset. SUGAR2000: $0.413 2016: $0.630 FLOUR2000: $0.262 2016: $0.523 EGGS (dozen) 2000: $0.902 2016: $1.390 WHOLE MILK2000: $2.753 2016: $3.292 APPLES2000: $0.833 2016: $1.430 Want to peruse the rest of the data (and thousands of other datasets)? Hop on over to Enigma Public and explore.