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We’re building the future of small business intelligence.

Our Vision

8 out of 10 U.S. small businesses are rejected when applying for credit. Why? Lenders lack a source of high-quality data about small businesses, forcing them to be overly conservative in their credit and insurance decisions. At Enigma, we’re changing this. We’re creating a credit score for small businesses and partnering with the most influential small business credit providers. Our goal is to help small businesses gain access to the financial resources they need to thrive.

Our Culture

People at Enigma are highly individualistic and yet share a common set of values rooted in high-achievement, empathy and fair play. While we can’t fully distill our culture into bullets, here are some things to expect from us:

  • We put our teammates before our individual egos and extend ourselves to support each other professionally and personally
  • We set ambitious goals for ourselves and supportively challenge each other to get the best result.
  • We genuinely care about each other, the company, our customers and the broader world.
  • We all have things we’re passionate about outside of work - so don’t expect many dull conversations.

The people here are constantly finding ways to share the theory and the practice of the things they're working on. It's energizing to work at a company where people debate how to approach a challenge, and then go to lunch together right afterwards.

Pam Wu
Data Scientist

Our Problem Domain

The people of Enigma are problem solvers first and foremost. Fortunately for us there is no shortage of challenging problems we’re tackling:

  • Accurately identifying real-world businesses using billions of records from hundreds of diverse data sources. We research sophisticated algorithms to cluster related records into business profiles and augment the source data using predictive models at scale.
  • Building reliable data infrastructure that’s robust enough to accommodate the scale and complexity of our data, yet flexible enough to keep pace with our data science research.
  • Creating user experiences that empower our customers to explore our data and integrate our rich signals into their workflows.

Our Stack

The heart of our platform is our entity resolution system and accompanying data infrastructure:

  • We use Spark for distributed data computation and Databricks for managing Spark clusters.
  • We orchestrate workflows using an abstraction technology built on top of Airflow.
  • Our infrastructure is built on AWS using Terraform for infrastructure as code. - Our APIs use ElasticSearch and AWS Fargate.
  • We write the majority of our software in Python.
  • We use React and Next.js to power our website and Developer Dashboard.

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