Small business / Commercial Loan Metrics

An Enigma remix of the Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR)

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Q4 2018

The Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) is a critical tool for bank supervision and analysis created by the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC). It provides a concise overview of how a bank's management decisions and economic conditions affect its performance and financial structure. The report is essential for evaluating aspects such as profitability, liquidity, capital adequacy, and asset and liability management, helping bankers and examiners gain a deeper understanding of a bank's financial health.

Within the UBPR, there are specific sections of data nestled deep that focus on a bank's relationship with the small business economy. These sections include detailed information on each bank's loan portfolios to small businesses. Although this data is a smaller part of the UBPR, it is extremely valuable for benchmarking and understanding a bank's engagement and support of the small business sector.

Historically this information has been difficult to navigate and broken in up in over 50 different data schedules and a schema that depends on a given bank's classification status with the FFIEC. We decided to create a curated set of data for free for the broader community. The data is updated quarterly and available for all banks in the United States. Key metrics for each bank include interest income from commercial loans, small business loan inventory, charge offs & past due data for commercial loans.

You can find a more detailed user guide to the underlying FFIEC here. Credit to Nathan Yau of Flowing Data for original design inspiration of the infographic above, which represents a selection of commercial loan metrics for top banks over a 4 year period.

How can I use this data?

  • Understand banks’ investments in and performance within the small business sector – and benchmark their own efforts against them
  • Learn more about the financial health – proxied by a chargeoff rate to loan recovery ratio – of the small businesses their peers do business with
  • See how banks compare on number of small business loans offered, average SMB loan size, and interest income from all commercial loans
  • Examine overdue loans per bank, by number of days over due

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