Enigma Data Infrastructure

Enigma Data Infrastructure
Enigma Data Infrastructure

The Enigma difference

Enigma data infrastructure was originally designed to handle the challenges of acquiring and extracting value from public data. Built to organize the world’s public data, our infrastructure products Enigma Assembly and Enigma Concourse are now available to manage your on-premise data. These configurable tools connect disparate datasets across organizational silos through data integration, metadata improvement, and global search. Enigma infrastructure is trusted to make data accessible and relevant to users across the Fortune 500 and public sector.

Designed for modularity and easy integration, both Enigma Assembly and Enigma Concourse expose a rich API and complement your existing tools. They can be deployed together or separately, depending on your unique requirements.


Get data where it needs to be, from any source to any destination

Enigma Concourse is a data operations platform that standardizes data ingestion and enables you to build pipelines that are maintainable and transparent.

  • Assemble pipelines with minimal custom code using best-in-class tooling.
  • Get complete live pipeline visibility and detailed performance metrics.
  • Minimize downtime with granular alert reporting and interactive debugging tools.

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Make your data and metadata searchable and available for powering applications

Enigma Assembly is a platform for data improvement, discovery, and application development. Assembly provides secure access to data assets linked with rich metadata.

  • Find and discover the datasets you need with global search.
  • Increase your data’s relevance through inferred, source, and contributed metadata.
  • Power data applications with Assembly as a single API to simplify development.

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Infrastructure capabilities overview

Our infrastructure links, contextualizes, and operationalizes public and private data to generate business value and insights. Concourse allows you to acquire heterogeneous datasets and build resilient pipelines. Assembly provides secure access to data assets and enables you to search, improve, and build on top of your data.

Infrastructure Capabilities

Additional Enigma offerings

Enigma Data Thumb

Enigma Data

Organizations trust Enigma as an expert provider of true-to-source, analysis-ready public data to inform decision-making and processes.

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Infrastructure Offer Two

Enigma Solutions

We design outcome-oriented solutions that apply public data, infrastructure, and analytics to solve specific operational challenges.

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