Enigma Data Infrastructure

Making data actionable: the capabilities and platforms that power our solutions.

Enigma’s data infrastructure was constructed to handle the complexities of acquiring and extracting value from real world data. We’ve developed ontology mapping, dataset linkage, and entity resolution techniques to build the world’s richest collection of trusted, connected public and third-party data. We continuously integrate new data into our repository with consistency and efficiency enabled by machine learning.

Enigma built the Assembly and Concourse systems to ingest and organize data. These systems connect disparate datasets across organizational silos through data integration, metadata improvement, and global search.


Centralize diverse data to enable data standardization.

Enigma Concourse ingests, standardizes, and classifies disparate data.

  • Data pipelines are flexible to operate with many dataset formats and systems.
  • Pipeline activity is trackable and accompanied by detailed performance metrics.

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Power applications with intuitive, searchable data and metadata.

Enigma Assembly exposes data, creates opportunities to improve data, and offers a secure location for application building.

  • Metadata that is inferred, sourced, and contributed reinforces entity resolution.
  • Global search capabilities open up data discovery.
  • Data application development is simplified by the system’s single interface.

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Knowledge graphs deliver a complete view of your world.

By unifying our extensive real world and third party data and your internal data, knowledge graphs deliver dynamic, comprehensive intelligence about people, places, and companies.

Additional Enigma capabilities

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Enigma Data

Organizations trust Enigma as an expert provider of true-to-source, analysis-ready public data to inform decision-making and processes.

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Enigma Solutions

We design workflow-specific solutions that leverage our data repository, infrastructure, and analytics to solve your operational challenges.

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