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Enigma Assembly

Improve, search, and build on top of your data

Enigma Assembly is a data platform that makes enterprise data and metadata assets more accessible to your teams and connects your data to real objects, places, and events.

Find relevant data from anywhere in your organization. Share critical context to discover and use data more effectively. Rely on one API to access all your data

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Contextualize and connect data across your organization

Your data is an advantage only when your teams can understand and have trust in it. Extracting true value requires accessibility and contextual information about that data.

Enigma Assembly stores and derives metadata that delivers crucial information about sources, datasets and even individual fields. Understand how a dataset changes over time by tracking its schema. Explore how a dataset relates to the real world by understanding its source and how it was collected. Assess your organization’s reliance on a dataset by reviewing all dependent applications.

Assembly combines automatically inferred and expertly contributed metadata to enable your organization to develop a deeper, contextualized understanding of your data in the real world.

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Powering data accessibility with Enigma Assembly

A global manufacturer partners with Enigma for expanding their data access and improving speed to audit problems and deliver critical reporting.

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The power to browse and search all your data

Build applications and interfaces on top of your data

Learn what Enigma Assembly can do for your organization

  • RESTful API using HTTP
  • Deployable in the cloud, private cloud, or on-premise
  • Dual interface - developer API and exploratory graphical UI
  • Event audit logging and notifications
  • Attribute-based access control
  • Integrates with LDAP
  • TLS encryption
  • Backup management
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Learn how Enigma makes data connected and accessible