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How much do you know about the 99.7% of United States companies that are private?

Data to build instant company profiles

With Enigma’s broad range of company data, from public filings to alternative datasets on private organizations, you can integrate comprehensive, up-to-date firmographic data into your underwriting and sales prospecting workflows. Rely on granular business data to enrich assessments, create detailed folios on public and private companies, and inform key business decisions. Enigma cleans and formats all datasets to ensure highly structured, entity-resolved data so you can dive straight into analysis.

Enigma Data

Surface key data points

Get a holistic view of a specific company. Verify details such as location and corporate registration or build a complete profile using a range of revenue, licensing, headcount, and workplace reporting data.

Survey comprehensive information

Access an expansive range of over 2,000 business data tables from sources such as IRS, FCC, OSHA, SEC, and a number of state and local agencies. Conduct analysis across multiple datasets to understand revenue drivers, growth trajectory, or potential business risks.

Enigma Company Data exploration

Visualizing the Dynamic U.S. Private Sector

Birth, death, and job creation rate for U.S. private sector businesses in thousands

Putting Enigma Company Data to work

Inform underwriting decisions

Power – or even automate – underwriting evaluation processes. Verify applicant-supplied information through licensing and corporate registration data and ensure an applicant’s business is in good standing across a broad range of official data sources. Understand the revenue drivers and health of a company, using information regarding its commercial activity, such as its government contracts.

Build detailed company profiles

Evaluate opportunities and risk exposure. Craft in-depth summaries of public and private companies that include details about affiliated properties and surrounding businesses and neighborhoods. Dig into workplace reporting data to surface negative indicators that may have associated business risk, or leverage Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and lien data to uncover potential financial risk.

Pinpoint top sales prospects

Inform sales prospecting and account-based marketing activities with data points detailing the size, estimated revenue, creditworthiness and overall business health of a company. Estimate the growth trajectory, or decline, of a company’s workforce using datasets that disclose H-1B visa counts and 401(k) or health insurance enrollments.


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