Healthcare Data

Over 4 billion prescriptions are dispensed each year in the United States

Data for the entire drug lifecycle

Data is critical to developing competitive products that meet patient needs on a global scale. Enigma provides a holistic view of drug research, manufacturing, and distribution through a centralized stream of current analysis-ready data. With curated tables that align unstructured data into a standardized schema, analysts can surface new insights within a broad context of life sciences, healthcare utilization, and population health data. Whether tracing drug development from clinical trial to patent expiration or exploring adverse drug events within a specific population, you can rely on high-quality data that’s continuously refreshed from the source as new data becomes available.

Enigma Data

Surface key data points

Track a drug from discovery to market or view a series of granular details for a specific disease or population in one curated table.

Survey comprehensive information

Access a wide range of health datasets, from clinical trials and FDA regulatory reports to Medicare spend and National Health surveys.

Enigma Healthcare Data exploration

Visualizing Medicare Spend on Common Medications

Total Medicare spending on popular prescription drugs

Putting Enigma Healthcare Data to work

Determine product roadmaps

Surface product opportunities, prioritize research, and guide product development. Follow competitor and market movements based on clinical drug trial activity and patent data or assess the needs of specific populations with statistics detailing health trends, current and historical mortality, disease burden, and prevalence rates.

Predict and learn

Analyze patient safety trends and prevent potential risks to ensure patient safety. Monitor all pre- and post-market regulatory activity for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Focus on a particular drug or molecule or look at trends across specific drug classes or conditions affecting patient populations worldwide.

Evaluate markets

Identify unmet patient needs, size markets for new drugs, and understand physician prescription trends. Use integrated datasets covering healthcare access, utilization, and spending, including drug reimbursement prices from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

See this data in action

A Prescription for Healthcare Data connects critical healthcare data from 10 separate public datasets for the first time to drive new discovery of more than 80 pharmaceutical drugs.

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