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Real-time insights into the 9.4 million barrels of crude oil the United States produces daily

Data for informed investment decision-making

For a clear view of oil and gas exploration and production, analysts need a singular stream of accurate data. Oil and gas datasets are a critical alternative data resource, but state agencies release information in disparate formats and at irregular times. Enigma releases production, well, and operator datasets in a unified, standardized format, with real-time source updates, and annotations on biases and meaning. With analysis-ready data in hand, your teams can enrich research, build quantitative models, and accurately analyze production activity.

Enigma Data

Surface key data points

Review specific data pertaining to an oil operator, well, or region. Dive into monthly production activity for a particular well or operator, or examine individual permits.

Survey comprehensive intelligence

Access an expansive collection of datasets that represent over 95% of U.S. onshore oil production. Track regional or statewide activity to identify broader production trends and opportunities.

Enigma Oil and Gas Data exploration

Visualizing State Crude Oil Production

State crude oil production by year in thousands of barrels

Putting Enigma Data to work

Evaluate operator efficiency

Identify high-performing well operators by looking at factors that drive efficiency, such as production, permitting data, materials used in well construction, and new well activity.

Uncover production trends

Make investments based on production trends by region and by operator. Evaluate regional risks by tracing the influence of major events, such as climate or legislation, on well production.

Forecast production activity

Predict which operators will perform the best in the future, based on production potential of active wells and soon-to-be-drilled wells.

See this data in action

An exploration of the North Dakota oil boom, Boom to Bust includes ten years of estimated profit and production data on individual wells.

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