Reference Data

Over 140 billion data points about the United States population and economy at your fingertips

Data for informing market and economic analyses

Demographic and economic census data is key for organizations seeking to improve and expand their internal intelligence. Reference datasets are an essential resource for informing market opportunity assessments, business forecasts, and economic trend analyses. This data is largely inaccessible to analysts, given the volume and complexity of the raw datasets and the frequency of updates. Enigma expertly cleans reference datasets and integrates them into accessible formats and APIs, providing streamlined data access for browsing, analysis, and applications.

Enigma Data

Surface key data points

Review specific data pertaining to a neighborhood, industry, vocation, or subpopulation. Compare compensation for a particular occupation across different states and cities. Assess demographic characteristics, such as family size, income, or marital status, at the household level.

Survey comprehensive intelligence

Develop demographic and economic analyses with a complete, wide-ranging collection of relevant datasets from the American Community Survey, Economic Census, and more. Understand a state’s economic health by looking at property value data, or analyze population trends by reviewing citizenship and birth rate data.

Enigma Reference Data exploration

​Visualizing Businesses in the 10016​

Top establishment types found in a single Manhattan zip code

Putting Enigma Reference Data to work

Build in-depth market profiles

Identify opportunities at the local, state, or national level with robust demographic and economic data. Expand internal data with public data to improve your understanding of the market.

Gain granular insight into economic trends

Analyze economic performance across industries and geographies with time-series data. Economic indicator data helps forecast business cycles, identify emerging trends, and contextualize your organization’s performance.

Address community needs more effectively

Guide civic improvement initiatives with a deeper understanding of the communities you serve. Access granular data on populations across income, employment rates, and more to determine needs and accurately target delivery of services and infrastructure.

See this data in action

A collaboration with the Red Cross, DataKind, and local fire departments, Smoke Signals identifies who’s at risk to get smoke alarms where they need to be.

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