Is your data putting patients at risk?

The high volume of unstructured, duplicate reports within adverse events (AE) data may be compromising your safety evaluation. See how accurate your AE data is now with a custom analysis powered by Enigma's duplicate detection algorithm.

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With this custom report you'll be able to:

  • See how many duplicate reports exist for your drug portfolio
  • Evaluate the impact of duplicates among serious AEs
  • Pinpoint specific examples and patterns of dual reporting
  • Identify substantial efficiency gains possible with Enigma's solution

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Better data leads to safer patients

Duplicates in adverse events data jeopardize the quality of signal detection in pharmacovigilance, cause inaccurate reporting, and waste valuable resources on redundant investigations.

Enigma’s advanced machine learning algorithms deduplicate and match cases across internal, FDA FAERS, and WHO Vigibase data, creating a single source of truth to power more accurate detection and evaluation of safety risk.

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See how accurate your company's adverse events data is