We solve the present and build for the future

Our nimble team works together, in the field and at the office, to build best-in-class technology with real impact, from saving lives to stopping money laundering.

Engineering at Enigma

Applying ontologies for better data

At Enigma, we believe the focus shouldn’t be big data - it’s about connected data. By stitching together numerous heterogeneous data sources into a queryable representation of an entity, we create applications that deliver transformative insights.

“I joined Enigma for the opportunity to work with smart people on interesting problems that have real-world impact. It’s validating to see that the tooling I'm creating is helping customers understand their data in entirely new ways.”

Anh-Thu Huynh, Front-end Engineer

Identifying illicit activities faster

Disconnected data, labor-intensive processes, and software built in the 90s left anti-money laundering analysts with little time for deeper investigation. Through workflow automation and data linking we’ve made it possible to report more suspicious activity, faster.

“We're improving the lives of analysts with a next-gen platform that combines data and context with intelligence and collaboration. Our software influences how the entire industry interacts with data. That’s a direct impact on thousands of people’s work.”

Engin Ural, Engineering Manager

Data Science at Enigma

Connecting people to data with Enigma Public

Public data is often trapped in siloed government systems, difficult for people to access and use. Our data engineers build the pipelines that power the world’s broadest collection of public data.

“At Enigma, we are convinced that data is only as trustworthy as the code that produces it and that production code is only as reliable as the team's data knowledge.”

Olga Ianiuk, Software Engineer