Getting hired

Getting hired

Interviewing at Enigma

We know interviewing can be stressful. Our goal is to make interviewing at Enigma as easy as possible — allowing you to spend your time determining if Enigma is a fit and not worrying about what comes next or where you are in the process. Here we outline how we manage interviews at Enigma and offer a few tips to help you put your best foot forward.

02 Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process

Phone interview

The interview process begins with a 30-45 minute conversation on your prior experiences, role-related knowledge, and interest in Enigma. We’ll start the call with an overview of the company and our technology and answer any questions you may have.

Programming challenge

To demonstrate your technical expertise, you’ll be tasked with writing and/or correcting code on challenges of varying difficulty. We don’t require you to ace the test — we’re also taking note of how you interpret and approach each problem.

In-person interview

If you proceed beyond the challenge, we’ll invite you to our NYC headquarters for the onsite interview. You’ll meet with potential teammates and cross-functional peers to get an up-close look at our culture and the complex challenges we're tackling together.

Our onsite approach

Finding a mutual fit

The interview process is a two way street: we learn about your strengths, goals, and work style while you learn more about who we are and what makes us tick. Our aim is for you to leave with a strong sense of the Enigma culture and how the role will contribute to both our vision and your personal career growth.

Taking a closer look

The technical interview enables our team to evaluate domain knowledge, coding ability, and process. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how you write, organize, and test your code, as well as how you approach a challenge on the fly and arrive at a solution. Is your code correct and clean? Are you able to walk us through your thought process?

The technical interviews

During your onsite visit you’ll participate in three engineering interviews, each tailored to evaluate your analytical skills and role-related capabilities.

The Technical Interviews Problem Solving

Problem solving

The task: solve a problem systematically by breaking it down into components.

We’ll evaluate: your ability to understand and apply the abstract application of an algorithm to the problem and write code to demonstrate the solution.

The Technical Interviews Design


The task: model a domain in classes, interfaces, and abstractions.

We’ll evaluate: your ability to design the systems with classes, walk through the interactions between the sub-components, and appropriately explain the tradeoffs.

The Technical Interviews Architecture


The task: architect a system.

We’ll evaluate: your general understanding of architecture of large systems. Be prepared to re-architect parts of the system with criteria you hadn’t initially considered.

This is an open-ended conversation; there are no right or wrong answers.

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Join us

At Enigma, we’re united in curiosity and driven by the problems we solve together — and there’s no shortage of unique challenges to tackle.

Public data for good

Whether we’re searching for global warming signals in NOAA weather data or partnering with city governments to improve service delivery and save lives, we’re a mission-driven group of people working together to find truth in data.

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