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Unifying the world’s public data promotes transparency, but it doesn’t stop there. We believe that it also increases accountability, which leads to more responsive government.

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Public data should be useful and universally accessible

Public data reflects more of our everyday lives than most of us realize. It’s everywhere, from a plane taking off at an airport to a barrel of crude oil flowing through a pipeline to a new drug being approved. These things exist in specific and separate public datasets, but together, they can provide a vast and powerful view of what’s happening in the world.

We believe that society will only be able to tackle tough challenges if people can freely access and analyze public data. That’s why we’re committed to building tools and platforms that enable people to work together to hold the public and private sector accountable, challenge inequality, and promote a robust civil society.

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The data chain is broken

Today, public data is locked away in siloed systems in government offices throughout the world. It’s difficult to access and use because it’s stored in systems that developed piecemeal over the course of many decades—before the power of data was fully understood. Unless you’re an expert, it’s often hard to find what kind of public data exists and how to access it. And if you do find a particular dataset, it can be difficult to combine it with other data to make it more informative and useful. We build tools to open up access to this information and provide easy-to-use interfaces so that public data can truly be public.

Public Chain

Public data impacts everybody

Using data to change the world for the better

We believe that free and open societies can’t exist without open and timely access to public data. Data is important because it helps the public hold governments accountable and can also be used creatively to address important social problems.

Public data gives us new ways to understand and improve our world. Whether it’s clarifying the context around prescription drugs in America or working with local fire departments to save lives, opportunities to do good with data are only limited by our imagination.

Public Data

Our Commitment

We fight for public data to be connected and open

We release all of our data under a Creative Commons License for anyone in the open-source or civic community to freely build upon and extend. We regularly collaborate with hundreds of journalists, not-for-profits, governments, and many other committed and curious people to help put data to good use. If you’d like to help out or suggest a project, please get in touch.

For commercial applications of our data services, we have solutions for enterprises of every size. Please contact us, and a member of our sales team will help you find the best solution.

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Did you know?

With public data, you can gain a comprehensive view of our world.


The California Elevator Inspection database details each of the state’s 141,677 elevators. The maximum capacity for all elevators in the state is 2.1 million people at any given time.


The Automated Manifest System records the contents of every shipping container imported into the United States each day. In 2016, there were 29,209,522 individual shipments coming into the country.


The FAA’s Registered Aircraft database contains dozens of attributes and ownership details for the 319,105 aircraft currently licensed to fly in the United States. With 857 planes, Delta Airlines has the single largest fleet.

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Our public data platform is the world’s largest and most robust store of government information.

We make it easy to search across diverse public datasets, discover new datasets you didn’t know existed, and explore the connections between them. Follow your curiosity, find the answers you need, and go out and change something.

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