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    Public data

    Enigma's free public data collection is the world's largest open government data source. Search over 100,000 datasets currently available in our data portal today.

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    Complete compliance intelligence.

    Enigma Financial Services Compliance makes crucial data automatically available for regulatory activities and transforms compliance from a cost center to an intelligence asset.

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    Life Sciences

    Enigma's enriched intelligence ensures patient safety and builds trust.

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    Company Data

    We link hundreds of data sources to provide accurate SMB data you need to build better products, improve marketing ROI and accelerate customer onboarding.

  5. Case Study

    California Data Collaborative Fights Most Severe Drought in History with Enigma

    With Enigma Concourse the CaDC integrates and analyzes data across districts to manage statewide conservation, refine and measure demand strategies, and drive revenue stability.

  6. Case Study

    Simplifying Sanctions with Enigma Compliance

    Using Enigma Compliance, financial services organizations can streamline sanctions screening to improve accuracy, reduce false positives, boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

  7. Case Study

    Global Credit Card Issuer Increases Productivity in AML Investigations

    Through unified customer views and programmatic data retrieval, a major credit card issuer improved its AML investigation processes and decreased case resolution time.

  8. Case Study

    Major Bank Addresses Regulatory Restrictions with Comprehensive Client Risk Management

    Through a comprehensive and customizable client risk ratings methodology, a Fortune 500 U.S. bank improved the accuracy and flexibility of its client risk assessment strategy.

  9. Blog

    Beyond the Immigration Ban: A Picture of Legal U.S. Residents from Banned Nations

    Following President Trump's travel ban, Enigma used data to paint a picture of Legal US residents (green card holders) from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan

  10. Blog

    Developing a Risk Model for Residences Without Smoke Alarms

    We used all variables that passed the 50% non-missing data threshold to make a binary classification of whether a respondent in the American Housing Survey had a smoke alarm.