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  1. Case Study

    Global Credit Card Issuer Increases Productivity in AML Investigations

    Through unified customer views and programmatic data retrieval, a major credit card issuer improved its AML investigation processes and decreased case resolution time.

  2. Case Study

    Major Bank Addresses Regulatory Restrictions with Comprehensive Client Risk Management

    Through a comprehensive and customizable client risk ratings methodology, a Fortune 500 U.S. bank improved the accuracy and flexibility of its client risk assessment strategy.

  3. Blog

    Beyond the Immigration Ban: A Picture of Legal U.S. Residents from Banned Nations

    Following President Trump's travel ban, Enigma used data to paint a picture of Legal US residents (green card holders) from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan

  4. Blog

    Developing a Risk Model for Residences Without Smoke Alarms

    We used all variables that passed the 50% non-missing data threshold to make a binary classification of whether a respondent in the American Housing Survey had a smoke alarm.

  5. Blog

    This Week in Data: Prescription Drugs

    A preview of Enigma adverse events data through a microsite that brings together 10 distinct healthcare datasets to create robust timelines for over 80 common pharmaceutical drugs.

  6. Blog

    Approaching User Research at an Enterprise-Focused Startup

    How Enigma approaches user research to develop a strong understanding of our users’ goals, needs, skills and frustrations.

  7. Blog

    Data 101: Metadata

    A summary of three key layers of metadata: user-contributed, derived, and provenance and lineage and how each plays a critical role in linking and operational data management

  8. Blog

    New Lab: A Prescription for Healthcare Data

    A Prescription for Healthcare Data highlights the development life cycles for 80+ commonly-prescribed drugs through nearly 1,000,000 data points from FDA, CDC, CMS and more

  9. Blog

    The Challenge in Analyzing Adverse Event Data

    A series about the challenges and unlocked potential in analyzing pharmaceutical data at scale, specifically, adverse events data from FDA FAERS and WHO Vigibase.

  10. Blog

    An Open Letter to United States Census Bureau on the American Community Survey

    A Letter to United States Census Bureau on the American Community Survey with suggestions to make the data easier for all to use: open formats, descriptions, and clear structure