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    This Week in Data: Prescription Drugs

    A preview of Enigma adverse events data through a microsite that brings together 10 distinct healthcare datasets to create robust timelines for over 80 common pharmaceutical drugs.

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    Approaching User Research at an Enterprise-Focused Startup

    How Enigma approaches user research to develop a strong understanding of our users’ goals, needs, skills and frustrations.

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    Data 101: Metadata

    A summary of three key layers of metadata: user-contributed, derived, and provenance and lineage and how each plays a critical role in linking and operational data management

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    New Lab: A Prescription for Healthcare Data

    A Prescription for Healthcare Data highlights the development life cycles for 80+ commonly-prescribed drugs through nearly 1,000,000 data points from FDA, CDC, CMS and more

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    The Challenge in Analyzing Adverse Event Data

    A series about the challenges and unlocked potential in analyzing pharmaceutical data at scale, specifically, adverse events data from FDA FAERS and WHO Vigibase.

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    An Open Letter to United States Census Bureau on the American Community Survey

    A Letter to United States Census Bureau on the American Community Survey with suggestions to make the data easier for all to use: open formats, descriptions, and clear structure

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    Concourse Update: The New Data Operations Experience

    Concourse, The New Data Operations Experience: new functionality and resources that enable users to better manage and seamlessly integrate their data operations activities.

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    Regulation in the Banking Industry: Blame the Regime, Not the People

    Regulation is costly and complex. Financial services orgs that can leverage compliance data as an enterprise asset will be well-suited to manage risk and deliver better outcomes.

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    Watch the North Dakota Oil Boom go to Bust in a Million Rows

    Our new lab visualizes the North Dakota oil boom, including an overview of 10 years of estimated profit and production data and wells' individual histories over the same period.

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    Donald Trump Can't Stay In His Own Hotels As President

    The Trump Hotel Las Vegas and a number of his other properties are not on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's list of motels and hotels approved for federal travel.