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    Donald Trump Can't Stay In His Own Hotels As President

    The Trump Hotel Las Vegas and a number of his other properties are not on the Federal Emergency Management Agency's list of motels and hotels approved for federal travel.

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    This Week in Data: 2012 Presidential Campaign Disbursements

    A preview of disbursements made by the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns for the 2012 election cycle, compliments of the Federal Election Commission

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    This Week in Data: The 411 on NYC 311 Calls

    A preview of calls to New York's 311 hotline, including distribution across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx and most popular complaints

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    This Week in Data, Special Edition: Bureau of Labor Statistics

    A preview of Enigma data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics including wages, occupational injuries and fatalities, company and human restructuring, and economies abroad

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    Philosophizing Data at Visualized 2016

    An event recap of the Visualized 2016 conference, including the mental and design processes of three speakers: Ingrid Burrington, Moiz Syed, and Giorgia Lupi

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    Should Engineering Managers Code?

    How to juggle the transition from an individual contributor (i.e. someone who codes) to a people manager within the engineering team.

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    Putting Data to Work: 7 Questions with London's Eddie Copeland

    An interview with Eddie Copeland, Dir. of Government Innovation at Nesta, on his goal to enable local government and public sectors to share, analyse and act upon combined data

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    Over 400 Counties at Risk Following Mass Exodus of Mega-Insurers from Obamacare: Visualizing the Data

    The impact of the announced exits of Aetna, UnitedHealth Group, and Humana in 2017 could put over 400 U.S. counties at risk of having access only one health insurer or fewer.

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    Who’s Counting: The History of the U.S. Census

    The History of the U.S. Census, covering the standardization of forms, scientific racism, counting by machine, experiments in sampling and more.

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    Putting Data to Work

    Data is an enterprise asset whose value has yet been unrealized. Better data management can help organizations and people solve problems to move the dial forward in a real way.