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    The new Face of Segregation in Schools

    Based on an analysis we conducted of data from the National Center for Educational Statistics, we found that approximately a third of U.S. public schools are considered segregated.

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    Pockets of Populations Living Without Basic Plumbing

    We looked at data from the 2013 American Community Survey, a method the Census Bureau uses to track housing statistics, to identify geographic regions where homes lacked plumbing.

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    Addressing the Biggest Data Problem

    Addressing the Biggest Data Problem. The Enigma team built Concourse after realizing there were huge gains to be made by formalizing the tools for data integration

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    Introducing ParseKit

    Parsekit helps organizations conquer their massive data management challenges. Parsekit provides reliable, fast data pipelines to foster collaboration.

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    Exploring Nuclear Facilities

    In this post we explore the current status of nuclear energy and the historical trends of nuclear plant construction.

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    Launch of Company Signals, an API for Small Business Intelligence

    Company Signals, an API for small business intelligence that leverages our public data graph to provide unified, relevant, timely information and a unique public data fingerprint.

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    Smoke Signals: Open Data and Analytics for Preventing Fire Deaths

    Enigma launched Smoke Signals, an open source civic analytics tool that helps local communities determine which city blocks are at the highest risk of not having a smoke alarm.

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    On Wages and Hygiene: Surfacing Bad Management in Public Data

    Do restaurants with poor health ratings also have wage violations? To get answers, we merged Florida restaurant inspection data with federal wage compliance data.

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    Spin Up the TIGER Geocoder, Quickly

    We are releasing two tools so that anyone can stand up a geocoder backed by the U.S. Census' TIGER dataset.

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    Making Federal Data Local: Merging the American Housing Survey to the American Community Survey

    We've introduced a systematic join of the American Housing Survey (AHS) and the American Community Survey (ACS), the census' most extensive demographic survey.