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    Track 115 Aircrafts the FBI uses for Surveillance

    We were curious as to whether we could identify the exact planes the FBI was using for surveillance, so we dug into the FAA's dataset of registered aircraft in Enigma.

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    Looking for Smoke Alarms in New Orleans

    With Enigma, the OPA and NOFD created a predictive model using publicly available data that is able to identify the areas of New Orleans least likely to have working smoke alarms

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    Knowing NYC through the H-1B

    We used the 2014 H-1B visa application data available in Enigma to make a map of the dominant foreign skilled occupations coming into each NYC zip code.

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    Trade and the Goat (Ram, Sheep)

    We used the Automated Manifest Shipping Data (AMS) available in Enigma to track import activity into the US around the Chinese New Year in 2014.

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    Marc DaCosta on NPR

    An interview with Enigma Co-Founder Marc DaCosta on National Public Radio

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    Bill Gates ♥ Enigma

    Bill Gates shares Enigma's latest Labs project on Twitter

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    Finding Evidence of Climate Change In A Billion Rows of Data

    Enigma produced a data-driven story on how climate change has played out in the US using data from NOAA's National Climatic Data Center and Global Historical Climatology Network

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    Enigma Maps U.S. Daily Temperature Anomalies 1964-2013

    Our visualization map includes a timelapse view of 50 years of "temperature anomalies" using original raw data from the National Climatic Data Center and curated Enigma data.

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    Thank you Mr. President! Enigma at your service

    President Barack Obama just tweeted a link to Enigma's U.S. Federal Government Shutdown graphic.

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    Visualizing the U.S. Federal Government Shutdown

    We've created a dashboard visualization explaining which workers are furloughed, how many wages have gone unpaid, and which government services are currently halted or at risk