Enigma Solutions

How many decisions within your organization could be better informed, improved, or simplified with data?

Enigma partners with clients to deploy targeted industry solutions that augment and link data assets, expand data accessibility and relevance, and bring intelligence and automation to routine activities.

Our modular and maintainable solutions configure Enigma public data, infrastructure, analytics, and interfaces to solve key challenges within a vertical. Through linking internal data and real world data, clients benefit from integrating enriched intelligence into both human-dependent and automated workflows. Our solutions are designed to deliver immediate operational impact and provide long-term organizational value through repurposable intelligence and infrastructure assets.

Banking Compliance

Make crucial data automatically available for regulatory activities and create a streamlined intelligence asset that benefits your entire organization.

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Life Sciences

Improve patient safety and case management by acquiring linked, de-duplicated adverse events data that enables accurate analysis and signals detection.

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Insurance Underwriting

Discover new revenue opportunities by leveraging real world data that provides hundreds of new attributes that can be tested for signal.

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Additional Enigma capabilities

Infrastructure Offer One

Enigma Data

Organizations trust Enigma as an expert provider of true-to-source real world data to inform decision-making and operational processes.

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Infrastructure Thumb

Enigma Knowledge Graphs

Enigma builds knowledge graphs that enable augmented views of customers and their relationships.

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