Enigma Financial Services Compliance

Transform compliance from cost center to intelligence asset

Enigma Financial Services Compliance
Enigma Financial Services Compliance
Enigma Financial Services Compliance

Internally transparent. Externally defensible.

Compliance is complex, fractured, highly manual, and costly. To mitigate heightened regulatory pressures and risks, you need more productive analysis time and greater visibility into investigative processes.

Enigma Compliance operationalizes internal and external data to prioritize decision-making for commercial banks, card issuers, and mobile payment providers. Through a flexible integration, our entity-focused investigation solution aggregates disparate information for investigators and eliminates case data silos. Enigma Compliance automates data acquisition to speed time to decision, delivers broader visibility to optimize case management, and creates a data intelligence layer to inform business processes across the enterprise. Your organization reduces compliance costs through meaningful gains in accuracy and efficiency, while ensuring complete auditability and transparency.

Learn why organizations rely on Enigma for Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions, and Data Privacy.

Immediate lift with long-term value

Enigma Compliance automates labor-intensive data gathering and preparation to provide real-time access to rich data. This contextualized information streamlines existing case investigations and creates an expansive intelligence asset that benefits your entire organization.

Immediate benefit

Workflow optimization

  • Speeds analyst onboarding
  • Reduces investigation time
  • Delivers up-front cost saving

Long-term value

Enterprise gains

  • Applies enterprise knowledge to individual cases
  • Centralizes data for broad use
  • Surfaces commercial opportunities

Activate entity-driven compliance

Enigma Compliance coordinates efforts across signal streams to build and enrich an entity knowledge base. This intelligence informs a wide range of monitoring and decision-making processes and generates a continuously-updated 360° view of each customer.

Compliance Process

Information advantage

Augment your case intelligence with public data to make well-informed decisions. With 100,000 datasets and billions of records, Enigma’s public data library offers deep insight into the activities and relationships among the organizations and individuals with whom you do business.

Investigation assistance

Access critical linked data in real time through a centralized source of truth. Our platform generates custom risk scores as alerts are created and equips investigators with detailed profiles that summarize and visualize each customer's identity, relationships, and transactional activity.

Advanced analytics

Improve operational insight and managerial decision-making with embedded workflow analytics. Lean on Enigma’s advanced machine learning to prioritize cases, allocate resources, and refine alert rankings.

Tracking sanctions in real time

Our interactive Sanctions Tracker monitors changes to OFAC sanctions on a daily basis, both in real time and with historical context across four administrations.

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