Enigma Financial Services Compliance

Complete customer intelligence, powered by real world data

Enriched views of customers and related risks

Financial institutions struggle to unify internal data with real world data, and miss opportunities to inject new intelligence into critical decisions. Enigma enables powerfully-enriched customer views by linking internal, public, and third party data, leveraging public data expertise and knowledge graphs powered by machine learning. For smarter decision-making and increased productivity in compliance, leading financial institutions rely on rich intelligence from Enigma.

Discover how Enigma created a comprehensive and flexible client risk assessment strategy for a major U.S. bank.

Compliance grounded in real world data

Enigma deploys capabilities across data augmentation, data linking, and machine learning to drive smarter decisions and workflows.

Compliance Process

Data enrichment

Augment cases with contextual intelligence to make better decisions. With billions of records, Enigma’s public data repository offers deep insight into the organizations and individuals with whom you do business.

Linked customer views

Make unified data accessible in real time with a centralized source of truth. Enigma equips investigators with detailed profiles of customer relationships and transactions, and generates custom risk scores.

Analytics and machine learning

Improve operational productivity and decision-making with embedded workflow analytics. Apply Enigma’s machine learning capabilities to case prioritization, rules configurement, and alert rankings.

Surface connections amongst the people, places and things that power your business.

Enigma builds knowledge graphs that enable augmented views of customers and their relationships.

Tracking sanctions in real time

Our interactive Sanctions Tracker monitors changes to OFAC sanctions on a daily basis, both in real time and with historical context across the last four administrations.

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