Identity, firmographic, and financial health data about millions of U.S. businesses

Enigma combines data from hundreds of sources to provides an accurate profile of the identities, firmographics, and financial health of millions of businesses in the U.S.

Merchant Transaction Signals

Near real time revenue and growth data

Our Merchant Transactions Signals attributes are modeled based on transactions from more than 750 million anonymized credit and debit cards. Using Enigma’s proprietary entity resolution techniques we match these transactions to more than 18 million US business locations to model monthly revenues, growth rates, returns and more.

Address/Name Verification

Verifying the legal name, brand name and operating addresses of a business can impact various decisions during the due diligence process. Compliance, underwriting, and other financial decisions often necessitate a comprehensive understanding of a business's names and physical presence.

Business Registration Filings

Verifying the business's registration filing with the Secretary of State is an important part of due diligence because the status of that business is often tracked at the state level.

Taxpayer Identification Number

Confirming with the IRS that the TIN is valid and that it matches the business name submitted is often a critical component of business verification.

Watchlist Screening

Identify if the business is associated with money laundering, terrorism financing, white-collar crime, and other unusual activities in support of your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs.

People and UBO Identification

Understanding the ownership structure and executive team of a company is extremely important in helping to maintain compliance with Ultimate Beneficial Owner requirements.

Industry and Risky Activities

Identify the industry of a business and whether they offer services you consider to be high risk activities.

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