Screen customers and transactions at scale for a fraction of the cost

Enigma offers industry leading performance in sanctions and watchlist screening, helping institutions achieve compliance with greater confidence, speed, and accuracy than ever before.


Meet your compliance screening requirements confidently and cost effectively

Accuracy & Precision

Reduce operational costs. Our screening APIs help reduce sanctions alert volumes by at least 80% while maintaining false positives below 1%.

Scaling & High Throughput

Solve throughput challenges. Enigma’s infrastructure is trusted by top 10 FIs to screen massive quantities of customers and transactions.

Configurability & Control

Greater control. Directly configure thresholds, adjust scoring weights, and create suppression and escalation rules tuned to your compliance needs.

Multiple Watchlists

You choose which list sources you want to screen. Enigma can integrate with any list providers relevant to your business requirements.


Increase auditability and explainability of results to regulators. Hit-level explanations are clear and intuitive.

Sandbox Environment

Evaluate screening requests. Sanctions and model risk teams can study the effects of adjusting system parameters or introducing new rules.

Plug and play API

Screen anything you'd like. You determine which entities - people, organizations, vessels, aircraft - and which transactions - wires, ACH, P2P - are in scope.

Upon switching to Enigma, a top-10 U.S. bank experienced an 80% reduction in alerts, millions of dollars in savings, and greater confidence and control over their sanction compliance program.


Every month, Enigma screens more than a billion requests (customers, wires, ACH, P2P) in real-time.

Fine tuned for transactions

Streamline transaction specific screening in live workflows.

With fewer false positives and higher throughput, Enigma delivers better customer experiences with less transactions on hold. Our screening service supports any type of transaction: Wires, ACH/TCH, Zelle, etc. Leverage our text and entity screening to assess transaction message body, descriptions, and counterparties.

Customer Screening

Ongoing customer monitoring for any changes in sanctions status.

Customer screening at the time of onboarding and on an ongoing basis for both persons and business entities, with options to fine tune each to your organization's risk-appetite.

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