Real-time data for better risk decisioning.

Gain early visibility into business performance. Accurate intelligence about the identity and financial health of 18 million+ businesses helps you dynamically manage risk.


Reduce losses, reward your best customers, and accelerate onboarding.

Streamline pre-approvals

Generate pre-qualified financial offers and use card revenue & transactions intelligence at the top of your lending funnel.

Credit limits

Establish higher initial credit limits & loan amounts with confidence. Monitor updates continuously for changes in risk profile.

Predict default likelihood

Our customers have found definitive splitting power in predicting delinquencies. Backtest credit portfolios with Enigma's risk features.

Prevent chargebacks

Card transaction trends like Refunds Activity can help identify risky merchants and help reduce chargebacks and losses.

Preflect, an AI-powered ad targeting provider, used Enigma to qualify leads before any sales touchpoint, in order to minimize risk and losses up to $100,000 per bad customer.

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Product Features

Sales & Marketing Firms

Partners like FMCGDirect by Deluxe and Lead Genius use Enigma to help their customers better target, segment, and engage their audiences. Data like real revenues, growth signals, payment platforms used, industry, location, contact information and more give firms the leg up they need to provide higher marketing performance.

KYB & Onboarding Platforms

Partners like Alloy, Taktile, and LSEG help their customers streamline their onboarding and KYB processes with more automated approvals and less overhead. Enigma’s data easily integrates onto your platform to assist with address and name verification, business registration, TIN, watchlist screening and more.

Risk & Underwriting Platforms

Enigma supports partners like Prime, Taktile, Findigs, NayaOne, and Oscilar to help their customers centralize their risk and identity processes with fuller information about a business applicant’s revenue, growth, refunds, and more for better prequalification and long term risk monitoring.

Consulting Firms

Firms like Pyxis by Bain generate market advice and insights for customers across industries with Enigma’s merchant transaction data. Using Enigma’s near-real-time revenues and industry information on SMBs, firms help customers benchmark industries and find growth opportunities across sales and risk use cases.

Data Exchanges

Data exchanges and marketplaces like Snowflake, AWS, and Databricks make it easier for customers to access Enigma data alongside internal data to create powerful insights about SMBs. Our revenue, growth, and firmographic data are easily integrated into existing data flows.

Industry and Risky Activities

Identify the industry of a business and whether they offer services you consider to be high risk activities.

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