Build relationships
with the businesses that matter to you.

Enigma’s Sales & Marketing data platform powers better targeting, segmentation, and engagement. Prospect for the long tail of businesses, no matter how small or unique.


Build and enrich lead lists fine-tuned to your Ideal Customer Profile

Discover. Build your own prospect database based on custom criteria including real revenues, growth, payment platforms used, industry, location, contact information and more.

Enrich. Augment your CRM with dynamic, underwriting-quality intel about business identity and financial health. Fill in the gaps of incomplete and inaccurate data for all your campaigns.

Grow. Segment your customers with precision for targeted product offerings, cross-sell & upsell opportunities, and managing churn.


Identify your top customers and boost inbound and outbound ROI

ICP & Segment Definition

Better define your ideal customer by tapping into Enigma’s granular data.

Account Management

Trigger and event-based marketing insights for a better understanding of customers as they grow.

Lead Prioritization & Scoring

Optimize conversion opportunities by prioritizing inbound leads via Enigma’s data on near-real-time revenue and transaction volume.

Accuracy & Coverage

Real revenue data, made up of 40% of all U.S. card swipes, with revenue data linked to consumer facing brands, operating locations, and legal entities.

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