Sanctions alerts reduced to 5%.

Enigma’s watchlist screening solution delivers full control of sanctions and PEP screening programs through customized matching models and complete system configurability.

Watchlist Screening Hero

Discover how a top financial institution reduced false positives by 82% with Enigma's watchlist screening solution.

We outperform one-size-fits-all solutions with our customized screening engine.

Evolve beyond fuzzy matching techniques and high alert volumes with new increased screening precision.

Our matching engine ensures apples-to-apples comparisons (e.g., names to names).

Through machine learning, the best algorithm for every data type is identified.

Historical decisions are leveraged to suggest new rules that optimize screening accuracy.

Reduction Alert Rates4

Take control of your sanctions program.


Unmatched configurability

Seamlessly configure every aspect of your screening process, from rules to thresholds to matching models.


Full system transparency

Rely on visibility that enables you to assess stage-by-stage system performance and explain processes to external stakeholders.


Persistent productivity gains

Automate time-intensive reporting and test screening changes in a sandbox to increase program efficiency.