Verify more customers, instantly.

Business verification gridlock causes customer loss. Onboard more SMB customers and reduce application fraud with Enigma’s trusted intelligence on 30 million U.S. SMBs.

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Traditional data limits your ability to verify small businesses.

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Uncover key growth indicators including headcount, revenue, and years in business with linked data.

Distinguish and connect small businesses to business owners.

Access confidence scoring for complete transparency.

Improve customer experience across application stages.

Micro-segment your market, prefill online forms, and verify businesses with unique, linked data that can uncover risks.

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Grow your small commercial business line with Enigma's data and technology.

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Diverse, deep coverage

Enigma's Company Graph links 100+ official government and third-party sources to offer national coverage including small proprietorships.

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Trusted, accurate data

High-confidence data is delivered through dataset scoring, programmatic linking, and attribute derivation.

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ML-powered matching

Datasets are continuously onboarded with machine training that ensures an increasingly enriched and precise data asset.