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Connecting real world data for deeper insights

Enigma unlocks the vast potential of real world data, also known as public data, by standardizing and linking thousands of disparate datasets to uncover new connections. We augment real world data with third-party and internal company data to contextualize it and surface signals. Fortune 500 organizations rely on us to deliver trusted, data-based intelligence.


Access trusted, comprehensive data on 30 million U.S. SMBs to evaluate business opportunities and risk exposure.

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Surface sales prospects at the local, state, or national level with demographic and economic data that can be combined with private data.

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Oil and Gas

Determine investment decisions with well, production, and operator data that is normalized for easier analysis and linking.

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Extract rich insights from life sciences, healthcare utilization, and health indicators data to better understand the healthcare market.

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Gain a complete, dynamic view of your world.

Access new, trusted insights through knowledge graphs. Public and third-party data assets are joined with your internal data for comprehensive intelligence about people, places, and companies.

Spend your time learning from data.

Additional Enigma capabilities

Infrastructure Thumb

Enigma Data Infrastructure

Our flexible tools connect data and make it accessible through ontology mapping, dataset linkages, entity resolution, and search.

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Infrastructure Offer Two

Enigma Solutions

We address specific workflow challenges by integrating disparate data and delivering curated insights.

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Data 101: metadata

This is the first post in a series covering the fundamentals of operational data management. We’ll be walking through context, linking, liquidity and how these core concepts come together to enable enterprises to put data to work to drive more efficient workflows and generate repeatable insights at scale.

Metadata 101

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