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Public data for enterprise insights

Public data offers a wealth of information on companies, regions, and individuals. Enigma Data provides curated public data to commercial organizations for smarter decision-making, informing key business processes, and automating workflows. By linking public datasets with internal data assets, organizations create a rich knowledge base and develop new insights. While public datasets often exist in inaccessible formats or overwhelming volumes, Enigma Data controls all complexities from retrieval to standardization to delivery. Among Fortune 500 companies and top hedge funds, Enigma is a trusted source for delivering analysis-ready public data.


Build instant profiles of companies to verify a business’s good standing and to evaluate opportunities and general risk exposure.

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Surface sales prospects at the local, state, or national level with demographic and economic data that can be combined with private data.

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Oil and Gas

Determine investment decisions with well, production, and operator data that is normalized for easier analysis and linking.

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Extract rich insights from life sciences, healthcare utilization, and health indicators data to better understand the healthcare market.

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Accessible formats,
valuable insights

Our unmatched capabilities in acquiring, standardizing, and delivering public data are honed by our experiences in onboarding and maintaining 100,000 public datasets.


Dedicate less time to ingesting and cleaning data. Dive straight into analysis with Enigma’s well-formatted, true-to-source data.

Expert curation

Gain a deeper understanding of data with our standardized datasets, curated tables, essential metadata, and data dictionaries.

Data on demand

Move away from manual job scheduling and rely on Enigma for timely data delivery through our RESTful API.

Spend less time acquiring and cleaning data and spend more time getting insights from data

Additional Enigma offerings

Infrastructure Thumb

Enigma Data Infrastructure

Our configurable tools make disparate datasets connected and accessible through data integration, metadata improvement, and global search.

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Infrastructure Offer Two

Enigma Solutions

We partner with clients to create outcome-oriented solutions that apply public data, infrastructure, and analytics to solve specific workflow challenges.

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Data 101: metadata

This is the first post in a series covering the fundamentals of operational data management. We’ll be walking through context, linking, liquidity and how these core concepts come together to enable enterprises to put data to work to drive more efficient workflows and generate repeatable insights at scale.

Metadata 101

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