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How Alternative Data is Transforming Small Business Financing

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We’re at the dawn of the small business era, and access to capital is still limping to catch up. Innovative companies are using alternative data to change that narrative, widening the capital gates and offering emerging brands the funding they need to grow and thrive.

Alternative data can be a secret weapon for fueling growth and expanding market share. This webinar discusses how companies are drawing upon insights from alternative data to manage risk with more precision so they can say yes to more emerging brands. And that’s just one role this data can play across functions.

In this program, speakers from Enigma, Ampla, Stripe Capital, and Deloitte discuss the state of the small business economy, what exactly “alternative data” is, and examples of the versatile role it’s playing across the SMB customer lifecycle: from acquisition and onboarding to underwriting and customer management.

Watch the video to learn:

  • What new data reveals about U.S. small business performance
  • What “alternative data” is and how Ampla uses it for onboarding and underwriting new small business customers
  • How other companies are putting alternative data to work to reach more customers, monitor their portfolios, and more

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