Find connections.
Find the truth.

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Find connections.
Find the truth.

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Find connections.
Find the truth.

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Find connections.
Find the truth.

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Find connections.
Find the truth.

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Find connections.
Find the truth.


Why Enigma?

If you’re only looking at your own siloed data, you’re not accounting for external factors. In other words, you’re not seeing the big picture.

Why Enigma 01
See the bigger picture

Connect and Organize

We connect and organize your siloed data so that you can begin to see it in a more meaningful context. Things begin to take shape.

Why Enigma 02

Layer and Solve

Once your private data is connected, we layer it with external public data.

Why Enigma Three

Uncovered Insights

We also augment our expertise with yours, uncovering new insights and revealing the big picture to help you solve real-world problems.

Why Enigma Four

We build infrastructure and solutions with public data

Solving operational challenges requires expanding perspective. Expanding perspective requires bringing in intelligence from outside your organization. Enigma solutions configure public data, data infrastructure, and analytics to link public datasets with your internal data. Our outcome-driven solutions produce immediate lift, enriched data assets, and repurposable tooling for getting more value out of your data.

Connected data for better decision-making

Integrating linked public and internal datasets provides a holistic picture of the world that informs and improves your daily decision-making and workflows from day 1.

Modular tools to fit in any stack

Our flexible data infrastructure was honed by our experiences in acquiring and managing 100,000 public datasets, and is designed to complement your existing tools.

Featured content

Enigma Labs launches new U.S. Sanctions interactive visualization and tracker

The Sanctions tracker is an interactive exploration of United States sanctions, looking back on the last twenty years and looking forward into the next administration.

Sanction Data

Shift compliance from cost center to intelligence asset

Make critical data automatically available for regulatory activities and create an intelligence layer that benefits your entire organization.

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