Customer and Transaction Screening
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Entity data

for programmatic insights

Enigma’s data powers sales & marketing campaigns, KYB & customer onboarding, underwriting, and sanctions screening.

Industry leaders rely on Enigma's data
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Comprehensive data on business identity and financial health.

Unmatched SMB coverage

Cover the long-tail of small businesses, with 95%+ coverage of U.S. businesses.


Integrate directly into workflows and inference engines.

Real revenues, updated monthly

Merchant card transactions at large scale.

Industry leading signals on small business financial health.


Build relationships with the businesses that matter to you.

Refine your ideal customer profile

Enigma Sales and Marketing is a business data platform built specifically for growth teams at financial services, merchant services, and vertical SaaS companies.

"Enigma's data helps our team identify the top prospects that match our ideal customer profile.”

Rob Hewitt

Commercial Director, Phorest

ICP & Segment Definition

Better define your ideal customer by tapping into Enigma’s granular data.

Account Management

Trigger and event-based marketing insights for a better understanding of customers as they grow.


Approve more businesses safely.
Flag credit risks earlier.

Real-time data for better risk decisioning.

Gain early visibility into whether a business is struggling or thriving. Accurate intelligence about the identity and financial health of 18 million + businesses helps you dynamically manage risk.

Streamline pre-approvals

Access monthly card revenues and transactions intelligence without requesting bank statements or waiting on applicant forms.

Credit limits

Improve initial credit limits and loan amounts with richer data, while monthly updates monitor changes in risk.

Predict default likelihood

Our customers have found definitive splitting power in predicting delinquencies.


Streamline KYB with instant approvals.

Cut operational overhead

Streamline onboarding and reduce friction with best-in-class coverage of of small and medium businesses.

Onboard more customers and automate your KYB process

Enigma combines hundreds of publicly available data sources, including corporate registration records, to provide instant verification of U.S. businesses.


Screen customers and transactions for markers of financial crime.

Meet your compliance screening requirements confidently and cost effectively

Customer screening at the time of onboarding and on an ongoing basis for both persons and business entities, with options to fine tune each to your organization's risk-appetite.

Accuracy & Precision

Reduce operational costs. Our screening APIs help reduce sanctions alert volumes by at least 80% while maintaining false positives below 1%.

Scaling & High Throughput

Solve throughput challenges. Enigma’s infrastructure is trusted by top 10 FIs to screen massive quantities of customers and transactions.

Configurability & Control

Greater control. Directly configure thresholds, adjust scoring weights, and create suppression and escalation rules tuned to your compliance needs.

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