How Financial Institutions Can Navigate a Changing KYB Legislative Landscape

Image depicting an orange circle inside a yellow circle, with an overlay of small images connected by straight and dotted lines.

Enigma and Lend360 partnered for a discussion on the rapidly shifting Know Your Business (KYB) landscape. From 2016 to today, KYB compliance regulations have shifted constantly with new legislation like the Corporate Transparency Act or the Inform Act.

Curious what these changes mean for you – and how you can meet KYB standards more quickly and with lower costs amid this complicated legislative environment? In this webinar, we brought together Fintech Compliance experts and attorneys to discuss topics like:

  • KYB legislative history – and future regulations coming next year and beyond
  • How new KYB legislation may affect your organization
  • How KYB and KYC can become a competitive advantage – instead of legislative hassle – for your business

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