How to Optimize Your KYB Process: Build In-House, Single Partner, or Waterfall

OG Image - How to Optimize Your KYB Process

Wondering how to navigate building your KYB process amid a rapidly changing legislative environment and high operational costs? Enigma was joined by Alloy, Detected, and IDology in a discussion on how financial institutions can find the best KYB process for their needs, what to look for in a data vendor, and why KYB can actually be a competitive advantage for FIs.

In this webinar we discuss topics like:

  • The pros and cons of in-house KYB, single-provider partnerships, and data waterfalling
  • Metrics you should consider when implementing a KYB process or choosing a KYB vendor such as conversion and coverage
  • Why KYB and KYC are actually a competitive advantage – instead of legislative hassle – for your business

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