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Maximizing Outbound Campaigns

Marketing & Sales
How Phorest improved conversion by identifying and prioritizing their top small business targets in a niche industry

Phorest, a vertical SaaS company laser-focused on the salon industry, wanted to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaign targeting.

They realized the importance of fine-tuning their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to identify the right audience for their salon management solution. This strategic move aimed to reduce their wasted spend and increase conversions.

Using Enigma Sales and Marketing, Phorest was able to unlock higher conversion rates and grow their customer base. Read this case study to learn how they:

  • Refined their ICP to identify and prioritize their most valuable target customers
  • Improved campaign targeting by segmenting leads based on technographic data
  • Improved the messaging of their outbound campaigns by incorporating intelligent data

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