Credit Risk Data

The strongest signals on small business risk and resilience

Monitor and underwrite SMBs confidently with real-time data that details small business health, operations, and activities.

Mitigate risk and grow your portfolio amid economic change.


Get a clear picture of a business’s health with powerful indicators of distress and resilience, from industry to shipment volumes and early signs of downsizing.


With business viability changing more quickly than ever, we ensure our output is up to date to meet the pace of review needed by credit risk teams.


We continuously research and integrate a broad range of data sources, from which our data scientists can derive valuable signal within days.

Dataset Details

Business Closures
Business operating status as open or closed as reported across web sources. Signals business distress. Refreshed every 2 weeks.
Industry Classifications - Detailed
A detailed breakdown of the industries and sub-industries that a business belongs to, based on Enigma’s industry taxonomy. Equivalent to a 4-6 digit NAICS code. Can signal how a business is impacted by the current economic environment.
WARN Act Notifications (Employee Layoffs)
Flag of WARN Notice record, date of notice, and number of employees laid off. Signals business distress. Example: 1 WARN; 2020-3-15; 40 employees
Business Bankruptcies
Flag of bankruptcy record, specific bankruptcy code chapter, and date of filing. Signals business distress. Example: 1 Bankruptcy; Chapter 7; 2020-3-25
Operations Description - Industry Specific
Detail on the nature of a business’s operations specific to its industry. Can signal the impact of the current economic environment on a business. Example: Does the business do delivery or takeout? (Y/N)
SBA Loans
Flag of 7(a) or 504 Small Business Administration presence of loan records, number and value active, number and value charged off, loan status, and approval date. Example: 1 loan of $1M; Paid-In-Full; 2017-10-01. [COMING SOON]
Verification Score
Enigma's confidence that a business exists and is in good standing; computed using several verification components: data freshness, footprint, source and business activity; [0 -1]. This is a decision attribute.
International Shipment Imports
Listing of shipping country, week of year, and volume of shipments. Year-over-year comparison between 2019 and 2020. Signals business activity volume. Example: Germany; 2020-14; 2 Imports.

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