2023 SMB Data Landscape Report

SMB Data Landscape


Our customers often ask us about the landscape of companies providing data about small businesses. Unfortunately, there aren’t any magic quadrants or industry reports that we can send them. The small business data space doesn’t get a lot of outside attention despite the fact that it is growing and innovating rapidly.

Enigma is revolutionizing the way businesses access critical information. As a company that has been working with data about U.S. businesses since 2011, we’ve acquired a deep knowledge of this landscape.

We hope that this report will provide B2SMB companies with a resource they can use to understand:

  • Which companies specialize in data about small businesses?
  • What kinds of data does each company provide?
  • Which companies are a good fit for which types of data problems? (seen in the more detailed report)


Who made the list

Our first landscape report features 26 companies. In order to make the list, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • Providers of data: Provide B2SMB customers with data about small businesses in the U.S.
  • Broad U.S. SMB coverage: Data must be relevant for >50% of U.S. SMBs.
  • There are many companies that specialize in data about businesses in specific industries (for example law firms or medical practices). We did not include any of those businesses in this report.
  • Small business focus: The companies must explicitly focus on data about SMBs or cover all business types but have strong coverage of small businesses for B2SMB companies.
  • For example, Demandbase and 6sense are great B2B data companies. We did not include them in this report because they focus more on enterprise and mid-market businesses.
  • Adoption: Company must have some demonstrated adoption in market.

It’s also worth noting that this report focuses on companies who are providing access to data, not the creators of the original data points. For example, in the case of open banking companies, Plaid and Finicity are providing access and structure to banks’ data. The banks and SMBs are the data creators. Plaid and Finicity are the data providers.

SMB Data Landscape

Grouping like companies together

We categorized each company based on:

  • Their core differentiation in terms of the data or service they provide, and areas of specialization
  • What use cases they help customers with
  • Primary sources of their data
  • The permission rights for using their data

You can access a detailed view of each company's categorization in our accompanying interactive table.

For the landscape visualization, we decided to group companies based on their core differentiation in terms of the data or service they provide. Within each of these groups, we formed subgroups based on company specializations. This primary grouping view provides the most relevant information about what each company specializes in.

In the interactive table, we’ve sliced and diced the landscape according to all of the dimensions. Request access here.

What do you think?

This is our first SMB Data landscape report. Given the amount of innovation and growth in the industry, we plan to update the report regularly.

Did we leave someone out or mischaracterize a company? Let us know - we’d love to hear from you.

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