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3 Ways to Use Enigma’s Small Business Data

abstract image representing 3 ways you can use Enigma's small business data

This week Enigma released our Businesses API. Our new product makes reliable data about the 30M small businesses in the U.S accessible for the first time.

Through industry-leading data science and proprietary machine learning, we’ve transformed thousands of online and offline data sources into a single point of integration for all of the alternative small business data and insights you need. Our data details everything from contact information to corporate registrations, to industry classification and more, enabling you to deeply understand your small business customers.

In a time where reliable small business data matters more than ever before, Enigma’s data is designed to help organizations service and support small businesses more effectively than ever before.

Getting started with our Businesses API is simple. Just create an account and you’ll get free access to unlimited use of our standard data.

There are many processes across both growth and risk-oriented initiatives that benefit from our data. To get you started, we’ve outlined three ways you use our small business data:

Enrich businesses in your database

Enrich incomplete SMB leads within your database or CRM by integrating Enigma’s data to build complete profiles of every small business lead we match in your database.

Segment leads more effectively

Use Enigma’s data to segment and target small business leads using new and more accurate dimensions. Predictive insights also enable you to prequalify leads based on your custom criteria.

Tailor your outreach

Develop more personalized campaigns with relevant offerings and tailored messaging based on all of the new information you have about your small business leads and list segments.

These are just a few ways in which our data can make your small business processes smarter. Interested in learning more about our data? Get instant access today by creating a free account.

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