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Announcing Enigma’s SOC 2 Certification

Image of black and white badge for AICPA SOC 2 security certification.

Enigma achieves SOC 2 certification

We are excited to announce that Enigma has obtained its SOC 2 Type I certification.  Enigma has always taken the security of our customer data seriously, investing in the development of carefully designed cybersecurity and data protection controls for years.  Now, with this certification, we’re making it easier for customers to have confidence in our security program.

Not only did we obtain our SOC 2 Type I certification - we did so without a hitch.  Our report is a “clean report,” meaning that our auditors did not identify any exceptions or issues relating to our controls.

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is an internationally-recognized framework developed by the Association of International Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  It is increasingly regarded as the gold standard for validating software companies’ security compliance. To obtain a certification under this standard, auditors thoroughly evaluated Enigma’s information security, site availability, software development, HR, legal and finance practices.

Why does SOC 2 matter?

Companies rely on Enigma’s data to build models and make more informed decisions about everything from underwriting to customer acquisition to risk management. We recognize that alternative data is especially important right now, and our SOC 2 certification will make it easier for financial institutions to integrate the data they need from Enigma. We are committed to providing our customers the transparency they need, both about our data attributes and our security processes, to focus on better serving small businesses.

We are happy to share our report with current customers or prospective customers under NDA.  If you’d like to obtain a copy, please reach out to

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