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On Our Minds

AWS Startup Series: Staying Positive in an Unfunded Startup

Hicham Oudghiri, Co-founder & CEO of Enigma, sits down with Lindsay Davis, CB Insights, to discuss the financial realities of starting a tech business and how to get funded.

From maxing out credit cards to doing odd jobs, Hicham shares how he and his remote co-founder were able to bootstrap and re-invest the profits from side-gigs to fund their dream business. He covers how they stayed lean and were able to gain enough traction to eventually catch the eye of their first real investor.

Now, with a number of rounds under their belt and $130M in funding, Hicham shares lessons for founders going at it alone. He talks on the importance of remaining positive, setting realistic goals, and how to stay steady until you’re able to go all-in.

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