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How to Enrich a List of Businesses With Enigma’s Batch Upload

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We’re excited to share a new way to access Enigma’s small business data. Batch Upload makes it easy for anyone to access Enigma’s vast data, from Business Closures to Corporate Registrations, without directly interacting with the Enigma Businesses API.

By uploading a CSV, you can rapidly enrich an entire list of businesses. Use Batch Upload for workflows that require information on a group of businesses, whether it’s a subset of your portfolio that you’re periodically monitoring for a specific signal, or a new leads list that you’re enriching to inform campaign segmentation.

Batch Upload is one of the simplest ways to get more data about your small businesses. Let’s see just how easy it is to use this tool:

Prep your CSV file

First, you need to populate your CSV with basic business information such as business name, address, and associated persons. This information will need to be formatted with specific column headers: business_name, street_address1, street_address2, city, state, postal_code, first_name, last_name. You can also use our sample CSV file, which is pre-formatted with the necessary headers.

Upload the file and configure

Once your file is ready, go to the Batch Upload tool in Enigma console and follow the steps to upload the file via drag and drop. This will kick off a few customization options for you:

  1. Query Parameters allow you to determine match thresholds, the number of matches returned, and whether or not you want non-matches to be returned. Read more about the implications of query parameters here.
  2. Premium Attribute Selection enables you to pick the premium attributes with which you want to enrich your list. Our premium attributes include Detailed Industry Classification, near real time Business Closures, and WARN Act Notifications (employee layoffs) — you can explore our entire catalog for more details. If you only want basic attributes, just select “Skip and Submit”.

After you’ve set your configurations, hit “Submit Batch”.

Retrieve and dig in

When your file is ready, you’ll receive an email that will link you to the enriched CSV. In the interim, you can always check on your file status by reviewing the Batch Activity tab within Batch Upload.

These simple steps are all that’s required to get fresh, trusted data appended to your list of small businesses. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. To get started with Batch Upload, log into your Enigma account, or create your free account here.

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