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Mike Flowers, Former NYC Chief Analytics Officer, Joins Enigma

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We’re very pleased to announce that Mike Flowers, former Chief Analytics Officer of NYC under Mayor Bloomberg, will be joining Enigma as our first CAO. Mike brings an extraordinary depth of experience regarding how data and analytics can be leveraged to improve operational efficiency and to drive smarter decision making across a variety of contexts. During his tenure as the founding member of NYC’s Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, Mike transformed a wide range of city operations from public safety, disaster response and sustainability, public health, finance, and economic development. Doing so meant breaking down barriers across over 40 agencies in order to surface actionable insight that allowed the Bloomberg Administration to intelligently coordinate the work of New York City’s 300,000 employees and $70 billion annual budget. Well beyond New York, Mike is a respected leader in combining open data and analytics, having been twice recognized by the White House for his work, in addition to advising governments and companies around the world.

At Enigma, Mike will be leading the development of an enterprise-focused analytics platform. As the information revolution transforms critical sectors such as finance, manufacturing, and supply line logistics, enterprises are accruing data about their operations at a breakneck pace. Time and time again, however, we hear our clients’ frustrations regarding the difficulty of sharing and querying that data globally across their organizations. From our perspective, this represents both a cultural and technical challenge that must be addressed simultaneously through technological innovation and a deep understanding of the workflows and processes that drive particular organizations.

Enigma provides unique value to the enterprise by delivering the tools to break down internal data silos and a platform for analyzing enterprise data in concert with public data, itself a reflection of economic activity as it is being planned, executed and measured. As we continue growing in this space, and providing actionable and measurable insight for our customers, we are thrilled to welcome Mike to the team!

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