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Supporting Crunchbase as It Goes Pro

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Today at TechCrunch Disrupt, an event where Enigma has a long history, Crunchbase announced Crunchbase Pro. Why, you might ask, are we talking about this news here on our blog? The short answer is that we’re proud to be a data partner in this new endeavor alongside other great companies like Apptopia, Glassdoor, Product Hunt, and SimilarWeb. Together we’re seeking to provide the best intelligence to Crunchbase’s 25M+ users as they make smarter business decisions based on data.

The long answer is that Crunchbase Pro aligns closely with Enigma’s own beliefs and goals. As many of you know, Crunchbase is a trusted business information platform. It’s a resource many people rely on for accurate information about businesses, executives, investors, news, and more. At Enigma, our products break down barriers between people, technology, and infrastructure, enabling our customers to acquire, link, and apply data at scale for intelligent operations. With Crunchbase Pro, professionals from organizations like Bain & Company, Citibank, Deloitte, and Microsoft are able to benefit from the same capabilities, surfacing and applying data through a search infrastructure that the Crunchbase team’s rebuilt from scratch, custom lists, advanced analytics and more. Users can now discover new companies, people, and deals, as well as more complex information, such as the median series A investment in financial services companies over the last 90 days.

At Enigma, we believe that people should always ask why and be empowered to find the answer. That’s why providing data to Crunchbase Pro makes perfect sense for us. We believe in building new pathways to the data—and leveraging that intelligence to continuously adapt and move forward. It’s about having the data to not only answer every question, but also to spark new questions.

From companies searching for partners to collaborate with, to investors seeking new opportunities, to entrepreneurs looking for relevant investors, as of today, Crunchbase Pro enables users to ask harder questions, get better answers, and make more confident business decisions. That’s a mission that we can get behind. At Enigma, we understand that data has the power to spark meaningful change: when data flows seamlessly throughout an organization, playing a role in answering every question, informing every decision, it unlocks new value and drives measurable impact.

We’re excited to be a launch partner and a source of key data to Crunchbase Pro as they seek to help more professionals answer harder questions every day to improve the business they’re getting done in the technology sector and beyond.

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