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Introducing Enigma Sales and Marketing

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Enigma launched its first data platform for sales and marketing teams a year ago. Our customers eagerly adopted this using the product across pre-qualification, prospecting and lead prioritization use cases, resulting in increased conversion rates and new revenue. But we knew our data could still do more to help marketing and sales teams.

We spent months closely collaborating with our customers to investigate the data challenges faced by growth teams trying to engage small and medium businesses (SMBs). We’re now launching Enigma Sales and Marketing with new features and data attributes to improve the entire SMB customer acquisition and growth process.

How Enigma’s Sales and Marketing data platform can help you

Enigma Sales and Marketing provides accurate, timely data to help teams improve SMB targeting, acquisition, and retention.

Sales and Marketing helps you define your ideal customer profile (ICP) and target that segment, through unique data attributes like monthly revenues, revenue growth, granular industry, payment technologies used, and more. When you target the right businesses, you reduce CAC and wasted spend.  

In inbound marketing, Sales and Marketing helps you automatically qualify, onboard, and score SMB leads with a real-world view on size and value. This saves time and removes friction for your best prospects, driving revenue growth. Early customers saw a 7x improvement in accuracy in predicting conversions on inbound leads.

Sales and Marketing also helps outbound efforts with features that help you identify, get alerted about, and maximize conversions with your top accounts from a database of 30 million SMBs. With data, you stop wasting resources on businesses that aren’t a fit or are unlikely to convert. One of our customers saw a 2-3X lift in new account conversion from outbound efforts with Enigma.

When managing accounts, Sales and Marketing helps you to prioritize and grow your most important existing accounts with a real-world understanding of a customer’s financials. You can identify which accounts are likely to grow or churn with card revenue, growth, share of wallet, and other data. Additionally, you can allocate your relationship managers to the most important accounts and drive more revenue through cross-sell and upsell.

Enigma’s Sales and Marketing data platform top features

  • Real world revenues and growth data: Built from our proprietary panel covering more than 40% of U.S. debit and credit cards, Enigma provides card revenues, revenue growth, average transaction size, refunds, and other transaction-level intelligence.
  • Contact data: Titles, emails, LinkedIn profiles, phones, and addresses for five contacts per business to help you reach the SMB decision-maker you need
  • Trigger events: Maximize marketing campaigns’ conversion rates with the ability to build lists and segments based on key financial events in a business’s lifecycle
  • Payment processing technographics: Enigma helps you learn what payment technologies the SMBs you care about are using both in-person POS and online
  • Operating status: Easily identify businesses confirmed to be actively processing sales and earning revenue to optimize your marketing programs.

Want to learn more? Download a sample data pull, tailored to industries that matter to you, or watch our webinar, "How to Elevate Your SMB Programs with Enigma's Sales and Marketing Platform".

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