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Product Vision: Answering Any Question About a Small Business

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Many of Enigma's customers are concerned that small business delinquencies will rise in the second half of the year, leading to a renewed focus on risk assessments. Last year many lenders were laser-focused on growth. Now, more customers want to discuss how they can step up their portfolio monitoring capabilities.

More customers want to discuss how they can step up their portfolio monitoring capabilities.

Whether the focus is on growing revenue or reducing risk, Enigma can help. We continue to develop the data platform that will deliver the most accurate and actionable intelligence about the health and identity of every small and medium business (SMB) in the US; a one-stop platform to answer virtually any question you want to know about an SMB:

  • What are this business's revenues?
  • What are this business’s cash flows?
  • What products or services does this business provide?
  • What is the momentum of this business?
  • Does this business have any signs of distress?

We are several years into this journey and there's still an incredible amount of work ahead of us. Our vision continues to expand as we hear about more and more pain points from our customers that we think we can solve. As I often tell the product team, we’re running a marathon, not a sprint (though hopefully at a six-minute pace).

In the first half of the year, we tackled a lot of structural work, enabling us to frame SMB data at both the individual location and brand level. Our key goals were to increase business coverage and attribute granularity, providing a better indication of business health.

Imagine an emerging retail brand with three physical stores and an ecommerce shop. Our customers can now view the health of the total business (three stores + online) as well as each individual store. This is a key improvement to enable Enigma’s data to speak the same language as our customers.

Beyond that, we made several other product improvements worth celebrating:

  • Giving customers access to up to 5 years of historical revenue information on businesses
  • Increasing both granularity and accuracy of our industry classification attribute
  • Giving customers the ability to search by business website to find matching Enigma profiles

Looking forward to the second half of the year, we will continue expanding coverage while making the data more accessible. You can expect a few themes of product improvements, including:

  • Several attributes that answer new questions about SMB revenues
  • Millions of new business profiles with revenue information
  • Increased accuracy of our Merchant Transaction Signals, made possible by the incorporation of additional payment data

We can’t wait to tell you more about Enigma’s evolution. As always, thanks for partnering with us on this journey.


Chief Product Officer
Enigma Technologies Inc.

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