A clear view of small business revenues and growth

Enigma's Merchant Transaction Signals give you visibility into the financial health and growth of more than 16 million businesses.

Answer key questions about business growth and revenue

Available à la carte or as a bundle, Merchant Transaction Signals provide accurate data about the financial health of a business. Discover if a business is operating, whether it’s growing or declining, and more.

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Improve results across the company


Leading indicators of distress and growth to predict likelihood of default, adjust credit limits and safely increase pre-approvals.


Data to help you qualify new applicants, set initial credit limits, and improve card spend prediction.


List generation and enrichment to help you identify and prioritize your best prospects.

Transforming raw data into actionable insights

Our Merchant Transactions Signals attributes are modeled based on transactions from more than 750 million anonymized credit and debit cards. Using Enigma’s proprietary entity resolution techniques we match these transactions to more than 16 million United States business locations to model monthly revenues and growth rates.

30% improvement in risk modeling

Our customer, a top 10 SMB card provider, incorporated Merchant Transaction Signals into their models and saw a 30% improvement in their underwriting model, leading to $7.5 million in expected new revenue opportunities.

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