Customer and Transaction screening

Screen customers and transactions at scale for a fraction of the cost

Enigma offers industry leading performance in sanctions and watchlist screening, helping institutions to achieve compliance with greater confidence, speed and control than ever before.


Meet your compliance screening requirements confidently and cost effectively

Enigma's screening service is built for regulated institutions that have a massive quantity of customers and transactions that need to be screened. Our cloud-based, API enabled service seamlessly integrates with the watchlists and case manager of your choice.

Customers have switched to Enigma’s screening service for four reasons:

  • Reduce the operational costs associated with many false positive matches
  • Solve throughput challenges (cost and speed) of large-scale screening
  • Greater control over system configuration and performance
  • Increase auditability and explainability of results to regulators
A depiction of Enigma Customer and Transaction Screen showing fine-tuned blocking and scoring functions.

Every month, Enigma is screening more than 1 Billion requests (customers, wires, ACH, P2P) in real-time.

Highly precise

Enigma’s tried and true matching methods reduce traditional sanctions alert volumes (where >99% are false positives) by at least 80%.

Cut through the noise and prioritize real alerts impacting your business.

Multiple watchlists

You choose which list sources you want to screen. Enigma can integrate with any list providers or Enigma can provide curated lists relevant to your business requirements.

You can also add or remove specific customs lists and keywords anytime.

Scaling & high throughput

Our cloud-based infrastructure autoscales, ensuring the ability to process large volumes of transactions and customers with low latency.

We consistently surpass 1,500 requests per second throughput, and can go even faster.

Configurability & control

Directly configure thresholds, adjust scoring weights, and create suppression and escalation rules anytime, with robust access controls to prevent undesired changes.

No need to work with an account manager to make changes to your scoring model.


Hit-level explanations are clear and intuitive. Enigma employs well-documented matching and scoring algorithms that are tunable and transparent to the end user. There is no black box.

Look up historical screening decisions and watchlist entity details anytime and understand the results.

Sandbox environment

Sanctions and model risk teams can study the effects of adjusting system parameters or introducing new rules. Simply make the adjustments and run a batch test to see the impact.

Privileged users can evaluate specific screening requests and decisions on demand, anytime they want.

Since switching to Enigma’s screening service, a top-10 U.S. bank is experiencing >80% reduction in false positive alerts and is saving millions of dollars. Today, they’re using Enigma to process over one billion account and transaction screening requests per month.

Use cases

Transaction Screening

With fewer false positives and higher throughput, you have to put fewer transactions on hold due to compliance concerns. Enigma’s screening service integrates with any type of transaction: Wires, ACH/TCH, Zelle, etc..

We’ve developed specialized free text screening to handle the message body and transaction descriptions, while leveraging our entity screening service to assess the transaction counterparties.

A depiction of Enigma Customer and Transaction Screening showing ACH request and response.
Use cases

Customer Screening

Customer screening at the time of onboarding and on an ongoing basis for both persons and business entities, with options to fine tune each to your organization's risk-appetite.

Batch monitor customer records each night for any changes in sanctions status. Enigma is currently screening more than 35 million customer records nightly on behalf of our customers.

A depiction of Enigma Customer and Transaction Screening UI showing search and screen results.

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