Unlock higher response rates for your clients

Gain exclusive access to SMB monthly card revenue and growth data to power your campaigns. Level up your audience segmentation, create new trigger events, and grow response rates. See a lift of 20% - 100% in response rates when you incorporate Enigma’s data into your targeting.

Drive higher ROI with better segmentation

Stale and inaccurate data leads to high campaign costs and low response rates. Enigma partners with agencies to provide more accurate data about small and medium businesses, updated each month. Gain an edge with unique audience criteria, from omnichannel card revenues to average transaction size.

Better segmentation drives higher ROI for both you and your clients. The typical agency customer sees response rates rise an average of 54%.


Enigma helps us develop high-performing marketing campaigns for our clients so they can acquire more of their ideal customers. With their data quality and service-minded team, Enigma has quickly become one of our most trusted and valued data partners.

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Kristopher Lazzaretti
Executive Vice President

Raise conversion rates with unique campaign triggers

Triggers based on major changes in a business’s operations help you improve conversions and campaign effectiveness. Enigma’s data enables you to discover and launch campaigns when there are key changes at a business, such as rapid growth, revenue milestones, or expansion to new locations. Unique signals increase your ROI on event-based marketing for clients.

Why Enigma?

Enigma provides a comprehensive profile for every U.S. small and medium business. Each profile includes key information about business health and identity. For businesses that accept card payments, Enigma provides accurate revenue and growth data, built directly from the largest panel of U.S. credit card transactions in the market.

Explore our full catalog of data attributes here.

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  • Monthly business revenues, updating each month
  • Understand which businesses are growing or declining month-over-month
  • Built from 750 million+ cards, covering 40%+ of US card transactions
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  • Strong coverage of the long tail of businesses
  • Real revenue data for over 10M merchants
  • Covers 80%+ of businesses in consumer-facing industries
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  • No business owner authentication required
  • Enables use cases where open-banking data falls short
  • Your choice of access: API, batch processing, file deliveries, business profile search

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