Business Bankruptcies

Business Bankruptcies data reports publicly-filed bankruptcy information for a given company. Timely bankruptcy signal enables lenders to quickly address distressed businesses in their portfolios.


A business bankruptcy filing is a public record that details the nature of each company’s case. While a bankruptcy filing is an official indicator of business distress, many lenders have yet to integrate bankruptcy data into their risk mitigation processes. This results in increased exposure to risk, fraud, and related losses. By providing rapidly-refreshing bankruptcy data, Enigma ensures lenders are updated about bankruptcy filings in near real-time to better manage risk.

How to use this data

Leverage this data to track and respond to business bankruptcies in near real-time as part of your broader portfolio monitoring strategy. This data can also be applied to underwriting processes to help you gauge applicant’s risk backgrounds and flag high-risk applicants. Marketing teams can also integrate bankruptcy data for lead qualification to segment out bankrupted leads.

Sample API output

{ "business_bankruptcy": { "bankruptcy_flag": true, "bankruptcy_records": [ { "case_number": "2:13-bk-39635", "filing_date": "2020-03-15", "chapter_type": "11" }, { "case_number": "2:14-bk-17090", "filing_date": "2020-04-19", "chapter_type": "7" } ] }}

This is a baseline risk signal that should be part of every lender’s data strategy for portfolio risk monitoring and loss mitigation

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